The last revision of Singapore’s Code of Corporate Governance (Code) that is applicable to listed companies in Singapore was in 2012. Owing to the evolution of global corporate governance practices and sentiments that there is room for Singapore listed companies

Even as the Singapore government takes concerted effort to prepare professionals for a different finance landscape transformed by technology, global recruitment specialist Hays is urging finance professionals to upskill as they face an increasingly complex business environment. Already, the Accountancy &

Singapore’s position as a digital nation is shaping both the demand and supply sides of the employment landscape. Given the city-state’s high social media penetration, with 83% of the population on social media, it is not surprising that more candidates

The current international tax framework, which dates back to the 1920s, allocates taxing rights based on the location of physical assets, capital and labour, source of income and residence of taxpayers. While the tax framework has worked well at a

For years, we have been saying that automation is coming. It is firmly here today, yet gaps in the understanding of automation technologies continue to exist among business leaders – and not surprisingly so, given the pace of technological change.
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